'Good Grief' Challenge: Day 4 // Your Grief Feels

Grief Challenge


We are often way too hard on ourselves when we are grieving. We are our own worst critics. We wonder why we are feeling the way we are, or tell ourselves to stop being sad and just be happy. We get mad at ourselves when we feel angry, or feel guilty when we let joy in. We wonder why we are feeling this way and why we aren’t “better” yet. 

Grief doesn’t just go away. We will heal and the sting will lessen with time, but the grief will still be there. It becomes integrated into our lives.

Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself that you are healing. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be sad. It’s also okay to feel joy. We often leave our feelings pent up, we push them down and ignore them only to see them explode later. Often this can lead to mental and physical health issues. I can vouch for this one. Anyone else?

Allow yourself to feel all the feels. Process them. Sit in them. Let them out.

Today’s Mantra: "It is okay to feel all these emotions. I am healing.”

Today’s Writing Prompts: What emotions have you been feeling lately? Which ones have caught you off guard? Which ones have been difficult to process?

Today’s Action: We have two actions today. 

1. Write out a list of all the emotions you have been feeling. The good and the “bad”. Look at your list and say out loud, “It is okay to feel all these things. My emotions are valid.”

2. When you feel really heavy with grief’s emotions take some time to breathe. Take 3 big breaths. On the exhale let it come out loud. Release those emotions.

*Don’t forget to tag me at the end of the day in your stories and let me know how today’s challenge went.

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