Our Story

Josiah+co. started out of a desire to share our story of multiple pregnancy loss, and to encourage others to not grieve alone. We want to open up the pregnancy, infant, and child loss conversation through each piece that we create. 

In 2014 we gave birth to our first born son, Ezekiel. Wanting our children close in age, we became pregnant with our second child when Ezekiel was 8 months old. In 2015, during our routine ultrasound, we found out that our sweet Josiah no longer had a heartbeat at 20 weeks. The following day, I gave birth to our stillborn son, the tiniest human I had ever seen and loved. Six months later we lost another little babe at 5 weeks, and four months afterwards we lost another at 9 weeks.

In 2017 we welcomed our Rainbow Baby, Eliyanah! After her birth we started josiah+co. as a creative outlet and a way to share our story. 

As with any story, ours is continually evolving. As we have continued to try and grow our family, we experienced loss for the fourth time on Valentine’s Day, 2018. Our little Jeremiah was born at 18 weeks with no heartbeat. He looked just like his brothers, and we were devastated that we were experiencing such a late loss yet again. 

Still birth, miscarriage, infant and child loss is a topic many avoid. But slowly conversations are occurring, information is being shared, and people are opening up about their losses. josiah+co. is our effort to keep those conversations going, and to remind the numerous families out there that despite their little one's absence from this earth, they will not be forgotten. 

Each pair of booties that we create is with our Heaven Babies and yours in mind.