'Good Grief' Challenge: Day 3 // Your Grief Healing

Grief Challenge

Your body is not broken; you are not to blame.

We often place blame on ourselves, or our bodies (especially in regards to pregnancy + infant loss). We wonder what we did wrong or what we could have done to prevent the loss. We feel as though our bodies have failed us, or that we have failed others. We can find countless ways to blame ourselves.

Often we blame ourselves for not taking the right vitamins, or drinking that extra cup of coffee. We think of all the things we should have said or done to prevent our loss. We blame ourselves for not reaching out sooner, for not trying hard enough. We blame our bodies for not doing what they are supposed to.

We play the guilt game because as humans we want to know the reason behind our suffering. What did we do to cause this loss? There must be a reason? We want to find the cause so we can prevent it from happening again.

Sadly, we live in a broken world where bad shit happens, and in many cases we can’t prevent it; we can’t control it. But what we can control are our thoughts and we can take ownership over our own grief journeys. 

Know this… your body is not broken, and you are not to blame. No matter what the loss is, you are not broken.

Today’s Mantra: “I am not broken. I am not to blame. I am healing. I am whole.”

Today’s Writing Prompt: How will you commit to your healing today? What words will you speak over your body and yourself?

Today’s Action: Today we have two actions.

1. Write a letter to your body. Remind your body how precious and loved they are; that they are not broken. For some really good examples or inspiration check out Hillary McBride’s posts Dear Body, I’m Sorry, I love you and You are good - A meditation.

2. Write down all the ways you blame yourself on a piece of paper. Then rip it up or light it on fire. 

*Don’t forget to tag me at the end of the day in your stories and let me know how today’s challenge went.

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