Black Lives Matter


This past week, undoubtedly has been a really heavy week for so many people. My heart is broken for my Black friends and family and the daily realities they face. This problem isn't new, and it's not going away unless we do something.⠀

Friends, I’m going to be point blank...⠀

Racism is still alive and rampant, and it’s not just an American problem, and white privilege is very much real even here in Canada. As a white woman, I recognize I have certain privileges my friends and family don’t. I also recognize I may say the wrong thing as I contribute to this conversation, and that’s ok too because I’m willing to apologize + learn and I want to speak up. We need to be willing to learn and to do better.

I want to challenge you to dig in with me and continue to do the work. Don't let the fire under your butt go out when the hype dies down. Commit to listening and learning, educating yourselves and your families so that our little ones can grow up in a world that isn't characterized by Black men and women and children dying because of the colour of their skin. For our children's futures, we MUST do better.

I shared over on my IG account last week a few suggestions + resources to listen and learn. I've included them below as well as a few others. 

1. Talk to Your Kids About Racism: Talk to your kids about racism, they are never too young to start these conversations. One of the easiest ways to start these conversations is through books. I've included some of my favourites here.
2. Read these Books: Listen and do the work. Read these books.
3. Take an Online Workshop: Listen and do the work. Dig into these resources.
4. Listen to these Podcasts: Literally listen and do the work.

Let's do the work. Let's do better.

To my white friends... Don’t be afraid to say something stupid... you probably will. Be willing to apologize and learn along the way.⠀

And to my Black friends and family... I see you, I hear you and I stand with you.

For more resources head here.


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