Sitting together

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I’ve been reflecting a lot on what it means to wrestle together. To provide each other with the space and freedom to ask some of the deepest questions we have buried deep within.

Grief has a tendency to cause these questions to bubble up, to rise to the surface until we cannot contain them anymore.

Who is God really?
Is he actually good?
If everything happens for a reason, did God will my babies to die or did God cause x, y and z?

Traditionally we have been taught to shove these questions below the surface. How dare we question the God of the universe, his goodness, and the inerrancy of his word.

But friends, hear this. We need to ask these questions. We need to allow them to rise to the surface and provide space for others to speak them out loud.

And we 👏🏼 need 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 listen.

We need to listen and sit and cast no judgement.

We need to listen and sit and stop offering cliché answers.

We need to listen and sit and allow each other to discover the intricacies of the very questions themselves.

We need to listen.

We need to acknowledge that the very act of speaking these questions out loud is freeing, and healing, and leading to a greater awakening of our souls, even if we don’t find the answers.

Even if... we don’t find the answers.

We weren’t meant to ride the waves of grief alone. We weren’t meant to question the very foundations of our faith in silence. We were meant to wrestle together, to fight together, to sit in the pain...


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