Our Babies, Our Grief: Pregnancy + Infant Loss Support Group

in partnership with HHA

"Journeying Through Birth and Loss Together" - Hamilton chapter


We are partnering with the Home Hospice Association's Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program to bring services to the Hamilton region. Melissa Sulley, the Founder + Maker behind josiah+co., will be offering the first support group in Hamilton, starting Spring 2020.

Whether you’ve lost your baby through miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or as an infant, this support group welcomes you to come and share your grief journey with other parents. During our 6 weeks together, we will explore grief, learn about healthy grieving practices and provide a caring, open, listening environment for you to share and express your own grief. Most of all, the purpose of our group is to provide a space where you can honour the memory of your child and come together with other grieving parents to find support and know that you are not alone.

Next Group Session: 

Monday March 1st - April 5th, 2021

7:30-9:00pm EST

Group is currently full. To join waitlist register below.

About our Group:

Our Babies, Our Grief is a peer led support group, meaning it is not an “expert” facilitated group such as a counselling group or government program. By bringing parents together in a peer-led group, we provide the freedom for parents to tap into their own wisdom, learn from each other and explore their grief with freedom and creativity.

While we recognize that there is an important time and place for professional groups and support, we believe that peer led support groups can provide a unique and much needed type of support while also leading to community building among parents.

As such, Home Hospice Association’s peer led support group, Our Babies, Our Grief, provides an important resource and opportunity for parents who have lost babies so that they can break the silence, advance in their grief journey and make life-long friends along the way.

We understand that while parents may be at different stages with their grief, they often grieve the loss of their babies in silence; alone. It is our desire to provide a space where grieving parents can come together to share their experiences and journeys, while also learning about helpful concepts and truths so that they can fully engage with their grief for a healthier life.


The Five “W’s” of Our Babies Our Grief – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it so important?

​Families will often carry their grief with limited opportunity to share with family & friends, due to several reasons. A few common examples include fear of being judged for their coping or difficulty finding closure, not knowing how to talk about grief, and fears, unknowns and lack of understanding regarding possible subsequent pregnancies or future of growing a family. A strong sense of loneliness and isolation can be common, which, speaks to the power of this group’s ability to build community. ​

  • Who is it for?

This support group is for any parent who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

  • What is, Our Babies, Our Grief support group?

Our Babies Our Grief is a peer led loss support group that is facilitated through Home Hospice Association, Pre and Perinatal Loss Program, and their local Chapters.

  • ​When is it held?

The support group is held at various times during the year; one evening a week for 6 weeks. Each session lasts an hour and a half.

  • How is the group directed?

The support group is facilitated by an Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula or Doula Candidate in an inviting and safe space following a curriculum developed by a team of people at Home Hospice Association.

  • Why should parents consider joining?

Joining Our Babies, Our Grief support group provides an important resource for parents who have experienced an infant or pregnancy loss so that they can break the silence, advance in their grief journey and have the opportunity to make meaningful connections along the way.

  • Why the name?

We named the group Our Babies, Our Grief because we wanted to acknowledge the babies whom parents are grieving but to whom society often doesn’t give recognition. Our Babies, Our Grief looks at pregnancy and infant loss through the eyes of the parents, not the professionals.


For more information about Our Babies, Our Grief and to register in an upcoming session please click the link below.