Navigating grief + joy

From heartbreak to healing

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Five years ago I had a dream. I had a dream that I gave birth to a son, our second son. His name was Josiah, and I was told Josiah meant ‘God heals’. Little did I know months later I would become pregnant with this second son of mine, and I would have to say goodbye too soon. I can still feel the cold jelly on my bare stomach as the ultrasound tech left the room to ‘check that the images were turning out okay.’ My swollen belly exposed to an empty room, the minutes passing, and my mind running...

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Yet again we say goodbye

Melissa Sulley

Yet again we say goodbye

On Father’s Day, Sunday June 16th, we said goodbye to our Son, Jezreel, at 16 weeks 5 days.

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We are Strong, We are Still Mothers - A Mother's Day Message

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A mother's day message from us to you. We are strong, we are brave, we are Still Mothers.

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Josiah: Remembered Still

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4 years ago today I birthed our second born.⠀⠀I didn’t get to leave the hospital with him.⠀⠀I didn’t get to feel his warmth or give him his first bath.⠀⠀I didn’t get to watch him grow or learn to walk or talk or ride a bike.⠀⠀I didn’t even get to whisper goodbye to a listening ear.⠀⠀I walked out empty handed and broken-hearted.⠀⠀Some parents don’t get to parent their second born.⠀⠀They are left to navigate the waters of parenting after loss, of loving and grieving, breathing and dying all at the same time.⠀⠀We don’t get to choose our paths.⠀⠀And to be honest,...

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When loss blindsides you

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My father in law passed away the day we landed in Cuba, exactly two weeks ago.

There were no warning signs, no goodbyes. One day he was here; and the next day he was gone.

I’ve become numb to loss. So much so that my mind wouldn’t let me process another loss. My heart has already been broken into so many pieces, I didn’t think there were any pieces left to break. Until I read his obituary.

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