You are not broken

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She bleeds deep red, her womb no longer home. Weeping in the night, she’s torn apart by sorrow.

Emptiness becomes her. When will I carry life again? she asks, will death encompass me forever?

She aches and writhes in pain, reminded of what was and no longer is. She can’t help but think it’s her fault, that somehow she’s broken.

She bleeds memories of you, drowning in your absence. Her womb grows weary.

She feels you in the dark, phantom kicks in the night. As she hides under the covers, she weeps with unspeakable sorrow. She grows weary with grief, where is my love? Why couldn’t you stay?

My precious body, know this...

you are not to blame.

You are strong and you are powerful.
You are courageous and brave.
You are tenacious.
You are beautiful,
and you are whole.

You are not broken.

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