When loss blindsides you

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My father in law passed away the day we landed in Cuba, exactly two weeks ago.

There were no warning signs, no goodbyes. One day he was here; and the next day he was gone.

I’ve become numb to loss. So much so that my mind wouldn’t let me process another loss. My heart has already been broken into so many pieces, I didn’t think there were any pieces left to break. Until I read his obituary.

He was a man who has touched many lives. He was wise, and kind, and gracious. He gave up so much to serve those around him. He was dedicated to prayer, followed where God led him, and he loved fiercely. And he will be fiercely missed.

It’s never easy processing loss when it blindsides you. It fills you with regrets and sorrows too deep for words. It rips open wounds you thought were healed. It shakes you to the core.

Grief is messy, and life is fragile. It is so fleeting. One moment we are here, and the next we could be gone. We never know when our days will end.

George, we are heartbroken that your days here have come to an end. And we painfully rejoice that you have been united with the One you so fiercely sought after.


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