Jesus wept

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Jesus wept.

And he still weeps.

He weeps over our lost babies.

Even though he knows they aren't "lost" at all.

He knows the outcome of the story.

It doesn't mean he caused it.

It doesn't mean he chose for your babies to die.

It doesn't mean he's plotting some sick twist where he can bring good out of the pain.

He's the author of life, not death.

He makes all things new, not dead.

And he weeps. He still weeps.


This month I want to weep with you; I want to walk alongside you, hold your hand, and hug you and tell you that you aren't alone.

And regardless of where you stand faith-wise, know that there is someone greater weeping with you, with us. I say this more as a reminder to myself than anything, because only God knows how hard my faith has taken a hit these past few years.

But Jesus is here. He's walking alongside us, sitting with us and he's weeping.

Throughout the month, I'll be hosting other people's stories related to loss and grief, and all the complicated emotions that comes with it. I hope that through these stories you catch glimmers of hope, that you feel the burden of your grief lift just a little bit.

May these stories wrap around the aching parts of your heart, as we weep together. And I pray that with these tears comes just a little bit of healing.

I'm weeping beside you friend. You are not alone.

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